Diversity at It's Best

"The rich and the poor meet together; The Lord is the maker of them all"
Proverbs 22:2. We are a diversified community made up of English, Vietnamese, Spanish and much more. Together we are one with the same purpose to Love, Support and Care for one another as ONE community for the Glory of God Our Father.

Giving Back to the Community

Every third Friday of the Month, St. Michael volunteers help feed the hungry in our community. Many churches are active participants in the Bread of Life Ministry Soup Kitchen. We gladly give back to those in need. If you would like to volunteer, please contact:
Ms. Faye Smith at office@stmichaelsmontezuma.org
Subject Line: Soup Kitchen. 

Join Our Family

If you would like to register yourself or your family, log onto https://savannah.parishsoftfamilysuite.com/ or call the office at (478) 825-7127 for assistance. Parish registration forms can be sent to you via email or by mail. 

Office for the Protection of Children and Young People

The Diocese of Savannah is committed to providing safe environments, and fostering continuous improvement in every organization that sponsors activities, and/or provides services to children and youth. Visit our link for more information: